The Difference Between Pure Longing and Addictive Longing (Spirit Guides- 20/12/13)

“An addiction is an unloving desire to not have to feel the negative emotions that arise whenever the addiction isn’t met. We use the addiction to avoid emotional pain. We can long for the addiction to be met and we may experience this as a yearning for something you think is good but is actually bad for you, physically and emotionally. It is unloving and therefore can never lead to happiness.

A pure longing is the desire to want something loving in your life to appear or to happen. For e.g. experiencing God’s love. When you long for God’s love it will feel like yearning. The difference is that you desire to experience growth in love through the longing rather than when you use an addictive longing to avoid growth in love.

You’re right, quite often you can think you are longing for a good thing but what you are actually longing for is an addiction to be met. That is why self reflection and being honest with yourself is so important. Though I would like to point out that sometimes we resist longing for the things that would bring more growth, love and happiness into our lives because of the possible or known painful emotions that we may need to release or face in order for our pure longings to come true. This is why people often stay or prefer to stay in their addictions. They have a false sense of safety and security a protection through the addiction from feeling the negative experiences that actually created the addiction. When you truly long for something with your heart in harmony with love you are open emotionally to go on the journey to get there.

An addiction closes you emotionally…
A pure longing opens you emotionally…

Yet both experience yearning and longing but from different seats of desire from within yourself.”

Spirit Guides

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~ by Laura Berry on December 20, 2013.

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