The Soulmate Facade (Spirit guide, Sun Being – 06/03/14)

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“Many of you have started to become aware of the truth that you have a soulmate. The other half of your soul. Many of you believe you see this truth as a good thing. But I can see that many of you are lying to yourselves. You are not being truthful about how you really feel.

A lot of you can see with your mind that having a soulmate should be a beautiful truth and some of you go about your days acting as if you know the truth about soulmates and convincing yourselves you are making progress towards them. When the truth is that many of you still don’t like this truth of God’s that you only have one other and what this means. Many of you still dislike this truth and are not being honest with yourselves about it.

Any progress you think you have made can’t have happened while you still haven’t accepted that this truth is loving in your soul. You can only reach a loving acceptance of this truth by being real about your current feelings towards this idea or concept that you have about soulmates. Many of you still haven’t recognised that this is still a concept to you in your mind and that the truth hasn’t yet touched your heart with love. You’ll never get close to your soulmate while you are not being honest about how you really feel about this truth.

I also see many of you putting your soulmate relationship to the side. The truth is a part from building your relationship with God, your soulmate relationship should come second in importance. So ask yourselves why you are pushing them to the side. Why is this truth so hard to accept and is therefore not important to you? Can you really say that you like the law of soulmates and are in love with this truth when you can pick the idea up and put it down so easily? As with all of God’s laws there is an emotional acceptance that happens in your soul where you realise that each law is loving. A building block and foundation that can be built upon.

Many of you are trying to maintain a façade about your soulmate and are not taking responsibility for the truth you have received. There is no other person that God wants you to be romantically, physically and emotionally close to and this is beautiful! If you don’t feel this joy and beauty about the truth of soulmates then I suggest that it is because you don’t really like this truth yet.

There are many emotional addictions and false beliefs we hold in error about the soulmate relationship. I advise you to get real about how you truly feel. Only then will you be making progress towards your soulmate and start to come into harmony about how God intended life to be with your soulmate and only then will you be able to start to really feel the beauty of this law. Many of you still have anger with God about this. Talk to God about this, Scream at God if you feel angry at God. Allow yourselves to feel what is stopping you from loving this truth.

Many of you have had an emotional investment in pretending you like this truth and have lived a lie for many years. It is often a challenge to admit such things but I encourage you to do so because when you reach the truth of how you really feel even if it feels horrible and totally the opposite from where you thought you were, you will always feel a relief that you have come out of the lie you have told yourself and are now able to see what needs to start to change and you know progress can be made sincerely this time from this honest space in yourself.

You can’t make progress while you are living a lie. I encourage you to pick apart the soulmate façade and to drop it and get real.”

(Sun Being – Guide)

(he was smiling as he said the last sentence as it is something I have recently been doing for myself and used that statement ‘drop it and get real’, or the thought came into my head a few days ago. So we shared a little joke there.)

Naduna (Celestial Spirit – 28/02/14)

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An attempt to draw someone’s spirit guide for them.

Alexis's Guide Naduna

Generally the colours and symbols are attached or connected to the person I am channelling for’s chakras or emotions.

Gifting Passions (Female Spirit – 27/02/14)

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“Each of you have passions inside your soul that you and your soulmate share and are unique to you. God created these passions inside you so that you may share them with others so that you could come to know God more fully. Every soul on the planet has a unique personality to go with these passions. There fore no two musical souls for eg. are the same even if they play the same musical instrument in the same style. Every person is an opportunity to learn a little bit more about the beauty and nature of God. If you engage your passions and develop them you are giving another the opportunity to learn a bit more about God and Gods nature. If you hide them you don’t give others that opportunity. You deny the truth that God created this passion/s beautiful in you and your personal expression of it. If you deny this you also deny the other half of you and you don’t see the beauty of God reflected in yourself. God didn’t make a mistake with any of you. You all have beautiful passions to gift to each other.”

Gratitude (Spirit Mason – 25/02/14)

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“Gratitude is a quality you can develop. It is a desire to recognise and appreciate the beautiful gifts given to you. You can develop this quality in all aspects of your life. Being grateful for those that come into your lives to break open your wounds for healing and those that come into your lives just to gift you love. To be grateful for God’s laws, God’s truth and God’s love. It is a beautiful quality to develop and long for.”


On Recieving Gifts (Guides – 25/02/14)

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“Many of you have a false belief within yourselves about receiving gifts. You don’t believe that people can gift you love for no other reason than that they want to. Many of you feel you don’t deserve love as a gift with no conditions attached.

When you do receive a gift of love from another there are feelings involved in the reception of that gift. You may feel emotionally overwhelmed and cry. You may feel shame or embarrassment. You may feel afraid of the love or that you are egotistical or selfish to allow yourself to feel loved or to feel that you shine for a moment and that another recognises this. We would like to encourage you to feel these emotions. These are the blocks you have to receiving gifts. God wants her children to shine.

A lot of you think or believe that your progress towards God is all about gifting, but you forget that where there is a gift given there is always an opportunity for someone to receive it. You are sometimes that recipient. In fact you can’t change your life to be the happiest it can be or grow towards God fully unless you remove these blocks to receiving God’s gift of love and others gift of love.

When someone gifts you love and you don’t receive it, you reject one of Gods truths and that truth is that you deserve this love, this gift, it was attracted into your life for you. You deserve this gift no matter how bad a person you feel you are at the moment of receiving it. When someone gifts you love they reflect a part of what God desires for you towards you. God wants you to take it with both hands into your heart and let it fill you up.

A lot of you are starting to understand what humility means when it comes to experiencing your pain but neglect humility when it comes to experiencing love and the emotions that come with it. As you rightly say sometimes sister “I feel I need to allow myself to cry the love in”.

We would like to encourage any of you that relate to this to start to desire this experience of receiving loving gifts and to recognise what maybe stopping or blocking your own reception of these gifts that often come into your lives.”


Karen and Edward (Celestial spirits – 22/02/14)

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An attempt to draw someone’s spirit guides for them.

Karen and Edward

(Celestial Spirits)

enriques Guides Karen and Ed

Generally the colours and symbols are attached or connected to the person I am channelling for’s chakras or emotions.

Drawing of Spirit Lucy (02/02/14)

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The name Mike also means something to her, she used to work with children or is now working with children as a spirit, or both. Lovely gentleness about her.

Something amazing happened with this drawing, I thought I drew a female spirit. A lady saw this image and the details I had put forth and said that this was actually her son Mike. But the other details related to her Nanna. After some more conversation about what I felt she confirmed my details were correct but that her son is still alive. So this is no longer a spirit portrait of Lucy but a Physical portrait of Mike (Lucy is his ex partner) and was a message from her nan about her nan being there for her and her son at the moment as they are having troublesome times with Lucy. It definitely helped me see I have been judging somewhat where the information is coming from, even though it was nice to know the information was accurate at the same time. It was a learning day for me today and was an amazing experience too.


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